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Project Profile – New Home Plumbing System at West 11th Ave, Vancouver

One of our biggest projects on the go right now is a 4 unit new home plumbing system. The project is located on West 11th Ave in Vancouver a couple blocks from City Hall. We are working with Square Foot Construction on this project. The scope of work includes new drainage, water pipe and gas-fitting work.

new home plumbing west 11th

A Piece Of History

This 1700 square foot building is classified as a heritage home. Since that is the case it will have a similar look to the one it is replacing. Many of the other homes on the street have also been preserved to have their original character. This quiet street lined with cherry blossom trees is only a couple blocks away from busy Broadway Street and one street over from Grandview Highway but you would never know. As mentioned earlier the main dwelling and the coach house will be divided into a total of 4 rental units, great for a small family, empty nesters or professionals.

New Home Plumbing Features

First of all the building’s drainage is piped entirely in commercial grade System 15 PVC. Not only is it less flammable (fire rated) than the standard ABS pipe used in wood frame houses, but it is also less noisy than ABS. The domestic hot water will be heated by Navien tankless hot water heaters for endless and efficient hot water. In addition, the water heaters will be vented through the roof to comply with Vancouver’s “no side-wall venting” rule.

Keeping Up With The Project

We are really excited about this job and it is one of our biggest to date. There will be a couple more blogs posts about this project in its various stages. If you want to keep up more frequently, follow us on Instagram to see more posts and other great content. If you or anyone else you know is in need of a quote or have any other questions in regards to a new home plumbing and heating project, contact us today for more information.