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Why You Should Schedule Furnace or Boiler Maintenance

Most people take their homes heating system for granted. If the house stays warm in the winter the heating equipment barely gets a second thought. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common questions about furnace and boiler maintenance.

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How Often and What Time of Year Should I Have My Boiler Maintenance Done?

Heating equipment should be serviced annually before each heating season. September is the best time of year to have maintenance done. Heating equipment maintenance should be a part of the homes pre-winter plumbing and heating routine. Any month after that, most companies will be busy doing repairs. Keep in mind our service area is Ladner and White Rock. If your home is further north such as the interior of British Columbia you may want to schedule a month earlier. You may be able to skip a year or two if you have a condensing boiler and a well-insulated house but older boilers and furnaces should be serviced annually.

What Are Some Benefits Of Furnace and Boiler Maintenance?

When it comes to furnaces, we replace the filter so this will increase the quality of the air which is vital in those cold winter months indoors. A preventative service is a good opportunity to get the burners, heat exchanger and pilot assembly cleaned to increase the efficiency of the equipment. Modern condensing boilers have a lot of delicate components such as flow switches and pressure switches. Poor water quality could lead to premature failure. When the technician is doing their maintenance work it also provides an opportunity to look around. That way any leaks, burns or any other problems can be addressed before they become a bigger problem down the road.

How Do I Know What The Technician Is Doing?

At Boundary Bay Mechanical we have a checklist we complete which we give the client when we are finished. We do this so we are totally transparent. Some items on our checklist are:

  • Checking for gas leaks and checking for carbon monoxide levels
  • Checking the water quality on a radiant heating system. Poor water quality can lead to premature breakdowns of boilers, pumps and zone valves.
  • A walk through to make sure all thermostats and zone valves are working.

These are some items on our checklist to make sure your homes heating system is working safely and efficiently and as a bonus, we will also service your domestic hot water heating as well. If you have a hot water tank we will do a sediment flush and if you have a tankless hot water heater we will do a descaling process. At Boundary Bay Mechanical we believe a little proactive maintenance can save a lot of headaches down the road. If you need a preventative servicing of your homes heating system contact us today for a consultation.

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