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How To Find Your Homes Main Water Shut Off Valve

Do you know where your homes main water shut-off valve is? In case of an emergency do you know how to shut off your water? If you answered no, you are not alone. In this article, I will teach you how to identify the location of your main water shut-off valve and save yourself from a costly flood.

What Does It Look Like?

When you are trying to identify your homes main water shut-off valve in White Rock or Ladner, there are two things that will help you quickly identify it. First, it will be located on the bottom floor. The pipe leading to the valve will come out of the ground. In a basement or crawlspace, it may come through the foundation. Above the valve will be the pressure reducing valve or PRV. The PRV looks like a brass cone with a bolt running through it. This is what reduces the city water pressure down to the recommended residential pressure. See the picture below:

main water shut-off valve


Where Can You Find Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve?

In most newer homes in the White Rock, South Surrey, Tsawwassen and Ladner area, the main water shut-off valve will be located in the same room as the hot water tank and the furnace. In some older homes especially those in the Tsawwassen area they will be located in the wall on the front exterior wall of the home. These can be a little tricky to find. Hopefully, there is an access panel and it has not been drywalled over. If the home is on a crawlspace, it is probably down there. Unfortunately, that means having to crawl under your home if there is ever a plumbing emergency.

Be Prepared

At some point or another, you will need to shut off your water and you will need to do it quickly. It is a good idea to shut off your water when taking a vacation or the home will be unoccupied. Make sure the whole family is familiar with where it is and how to use it. If the main water shut-off valve does not work, you will need to call a plumber. That is not a DIY job, even for the handiest of homeowners. If you need help locating or replacing your main water shut-off valve in your Ladner or White Rock home, contact us today for a free consultation.